lumilo (lumilo) wrote,

magazine sell [Arashi] [new update]

 Free Image Hosting at 2007 July issue of Duet, Winkup and Potato, total of 14pages, asking for 5USD+shipping and handling/ON HOLD/PAID
 Free Image Hosting at 2007 June issue of duet, Myojo, winkup, and potato
total of 19pages, asking for 8USD+shipping&handling
 Free Image Hosting at i was digging through old magazines and discovers serveral missed pages, and put them together
total of 12 pages, and asking for 5USD+shipping&handling

They are all in great condition, most of them i haven't touched since i bought them.

again, the RULES:
I m selling
Arashi's stuff, since i m taking all those from the magazines i brought, there might be one or two pages are missing because they have those photo double sided, which means there might be something i want to keep too, or it is from another group.
I accept U.S. Postal Money Order, concealed U.S. dollars [on your own risk], and Paypal
on hold for 7 days.
ship when receive the money, 1st class ship within the U.S.
ship worldwise.
not conclude the shipping and handling fee in the amount i m offering
all amount are

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